1200 S XL WS 

The 1200 S XL WS is a large incinerator for burning solid waste only, available with 120L (waste bag) sluice size, and suitable for accommodation platforms.



Combustion Capacity (kW) 1163
Combustion Capacity (kcal/h) 1.000.000
Combustion Capacity Solid Waste (IMO waste specification) 230 kg/h max. 920 kg/24 hours

For complete technical data please contact Atlas Incinerators A/S

Waste sluice size

xl sluice 12 x12-72 ny

Incinerator dimensions

Incinerator dimensions

W: 2686mm
L: 3048mm
H: 2952mm

Flue gas outlet alternatives

In case of height restrictions in the incinerator room we can offer the 1200 type incinerator with the outlet in the side and back as shown below. 

3 vej med sluse- 72                                     3 vej med sluse1-1-1 72