IMG 1134 12x12x72

200 S WS 

The 200 S WS is the most compact solution for burning solid waste only, available with a 30L (waste bag) sluice size, and suitable for smaller vessels, where space is limited.



Combustion Capacity (kW) 209
Combustion Capacity (kcal/h) 180.000
Combustion Capacity Solid Waste (IMO waste specification) 40 kg/h max. 160 kg/24 hours

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Waste sluice size

Standard sluice 12 x12 72 ny

Incinerator dimensions

Incinerator dimensions

800slwsp dimensions
W: 1509mm
L: 2050mm
H: 2152mm

Flue gas outlet alternatives

In case of height restrictions in the incinerator room we can offer the 200 type incinerator with the outlet in the side as shown below. 

side outlet 72                                side outlet 1 72