Incinerator - inside -286x328 lars

In this day and age where Ship Owners are expected to be more environmentally “green” in their operations and choice of equipment onboard, the humble incinerator is often overlooked. This is partly due to the relatively low energy consumed by the incinerator when compared to the main engines (less than 1%).

Nevertheless Atlas Incinerators have always used a multi or 3-chamber design in an effort to make a more environmentally friendly incinerator. This unique 3-chamber design achieves a longer retention time than conventional 1-chamber designed marine incinerators, and by extending the time that the waste is subjected to 850-950°C lower dioxins (SOX and NOX) emissions are achieved, well below the IMO emission standards and often acceptable for Land applications as well.

Extra combustion air is injected into the after-burning chambers, ensuring destruction of all unburned particles. This extra flow prevents any unburned particles or flames from escaping the incinerator and entering the flue gas funnel.

All chambers are protected by high temperature castable lining designed to withstand temperatures of up to 1600°C.